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Bwah! Bookmarked a couple of links today to write something nice about in my blog.
Don’t have the time to make a good post… So i’ll keep it short ;o

Today I found another intresting FlickR photo search page. It’s the third FlickR extern search engine that caught my attention for more then 10 seconds ;o

The first one is retrievr, a search engine where you have to sketch an image in order to search for it.

The second one, Colr Pickr, works with color tabs. Just pick a color that you would like to work with, and Colr Pickr selects the images where the overruling colors is the same as the selected color.

And the third, called FlickR Related Tag Browser, is a displayer of pictures and the first related words of the inputted term, works a bit like Thesaurus.


Also I’ve found an intresting article about search engines; “Natural search; een overschatte zoekmethode”

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