November 16th, 2006: The Long Tail

Yesterday we had a college from Raymond about the long tail (sheets of the presentation).
I’ve been reading some info before about the long tail; such as this article on MarketingFacts.

What is the Long Tail?
The effect of the long tail is that the most profit doesn’t come from the most populair items in a digital store, but the much bigger collection of less populair items in a digital store. Through new digital searching techniques, smarter marketing techniques (suggestions on products scanned by a user profile e.d.) and no longer the scarcity of shelfes, long tail products make more profit!

Long tail

(Long tail.jpg)

As shown in the figure, the red part is the part of the most populair songs. The number of less populair songs is way bigger then the populair songs and it generates more profit, cause of the large amount of songs.

Links to more info about the longtail can be found in the marketing facts post and in the wiki.

Yesterday I also went with a few friends to the Coca Cola Leip Break @ Discotheek Rumours.
Fedde LeGrand, DJ Johan Gielen & Valerio made it a nice party! Went home at 02:30 so I could start my day fresh at 10:00 at school.

Today I worked on the tabs in Flex Builder for the video database project. Fixed the colors descently thanks to Flex Style Explorer 2 (really love the simplicity of the CSS in Flex) and went to the shooting of “Het beste idee van Nederland” inside our school. Really amazing how much effort and material it cost for just a few shots …

Update: Found this article in my bookmarks; Marketing, the long tail en web2.0 (dutch)
It’s an really intresting article how the long tail involves with the web2.0.

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