November 5th, 2006; Some weblog changes.

Last friday, the community members had to asses each other to see if the fellow student is skilled enough for the competention.

Inge Vlaar assest me. She has been reading all of my documents and finally concluded I wasn’t skilled enough for most of the competentions *snif snif*. Couldn’t dissagree though.
So our Web2.0 Group, Pizzaria, has to changes some of the document in order to pass the final assesment next week. We don’t need to change things big time, so I’m sure it won’t be a problem :)

Inge also had some critics about my weblog. The postings aren’t enough related to my workprogress and I need to do some more updates in order to get the EC’s for the competention Self Development.

That’s why I changed some stuff in my log.

First of all, the categories. I’ve added and deleted some. The new categories are;

General stuff, daily stuff that’s not related to any other categories.
Marketing, I’m currently following some marketing RSS reads. The intresting stuff will apear on my log.
RIA progress, my progress report on the RIA project
Web2.0, the intresting web2.0 things I find on the web.

That’ll be all folks!

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