Week update

My housemate forgot to pay the internet bill, so doing some descent work at home wasn’t possible at all. Including my log updates, so that covers the fact I didn’t update for a while.

So what have I been doing this week?
Monday I’ve had an Exposure reflection. Exposure was a large festival I organised with a few other students. The reflection was about the EC’s the project was worth. The reflection was good; if it all comes together in the way I’ve planned it in my personal development plan, I’ll be recieving enough EC’s to cover the 2nd period of my 2nd year of my study.

We’ve also discussed the meaning and usability of the CMD wiki. In particular the wiki of our minor.
In my honest opinion; at this moment the wiki sucks. It has great potentials and I’m really pro wiki, but the structure at this moment isn’t proper, the contribution of students is far from enough and there isn’t much to read on.
So I’ve made a little document of my own, how the wiki should be. I’ll be discussing this document tomorrow in the minor organisation meeting with Raymond; hopefully he agrees with the ‘plan’ and the wiki will be structured a bit more.

Tuesday I’ve prepared a small workshop for the projectgroup. Well, I only came with the idea and arranged the beamer and the classroom. Dennis, our very own Ruby guru :), guided us through a Ruby on Rails tutorial, very usefull!

The rest of the week we prepared for the assessment of friday and we did some self study about Ruby and Flex. We’ve cashed 12 ECs for the assessment, wihoo!

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