Papersize cheatsheet

by Matthijs. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

Vond wat handige info op wikipedia over papierformaten.
Leek me handig om er een print versie van te hebben, dus maar even wat in elkaar geschoven.

For the big amount of visitors, coming from Wikipedia, a small english translation. ;-)

Found a bunch of information on Wikipedia about papersizes.
I’m working with different papersizes a lot, so it seemed nice and handy to make a print version out of the information. This is the result.

Download PDF (230kb)

22 comments on ‘Papersize cheatsheet’
  1. freakstar says:

    Hé die is best handig!
    Meestal google ik even snel naar de juiste wiki maar heb deze pdf ook even gesaved.

  2. Nadia says:

    Nah! Wat handy dandy toch ;)

  3. Rashed says:

    Thanks mate. It’s really a nice work.

  4. Gul says:

    Nice and useful. Thanks!

  5. Lulu says:

    Awesome reference – great job!

  6. tom mcintyre says:

    this is why there’s so much crap going on, they can’t even agree on a size of a piece of paper. tom mcintyre

  7. Antonio says:

    Very useful for me, all the way to Mexiko! Gracias!

  8. Kris says:

    Thanks, from Thailand!

  9. liz says:

    thank you! from an aussie in san francisco

  10. Leo says:

    Thanks, just what I always wanted, but never realized until I saw it.

    I carry it on my USB along with the C-sizes.

    It is good to see someone else who appreciates the beauty of ISO paper sizes – Viva Lichtenberg!

  11. Sandeep Saini says:

    nice job

    thanx from India

  12. Gut says:

    You aRe the Man



  13. SWANKEY says:

    Thanks – Englishman in Canada

  14. Nikki says:

    Thanks from an Aussie in California. I’ve been trying to find these in a simple format for ages. A wonderful asset!

  15. beatnick says:

    Thanks ever so much…….

  16. mike taylor says:

    Thanks, really helps me in my day to day struggle. Some people insist on putting MM sizes on print orders, but at least it is now easy to visualize.

    Hartstikke bedankt van een Engelsman in Nederland

  17. Ladybug says:

    Let me add another big “Thank you” from Canada :-)

  18. David says:

    And yet another thanks from Turkey.

  19. Steve Owens says:

    Matthijs –

    Sehr gut!
    I am just getting involved with paper sizes other than those in the U.S. Your chart saved me hours of comparison and notes.


    – Steve Owens

  20. foxtrot says:

    wat is ledger formaat

  21. bram says:

    another Thanks from me, indonesian!^^

  22. dassie says:

    Dank je wel

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