Ruben’s Flex Book!

Soms, heeeel soms, ben je gewoon trots op een buddy voor z’n achievements. Net als nu, Ruben heeft een monsterlijk flex component gemaakt die ik wel eventjes MOET uitlichten.
Het is een book component voor Adobe Flex:


  • Pageflip effect (not kidding ;))
  • Hardback option for every page, as well as a hardcover option for the containing book, automatically making the first and last pages hardback.
  • Functionality for tearing pages out of the containing book.
  • Methods allowing automatically flipping through the pages of a book ( gotopage() ).
  • Customizable easing, auto-pageflip duration, and size for the hit-regions (the page-corners whereby a page can be flipped).
  • Distortion (instead of skewing) when flipping hardback pages.
  • A variety of events that the book class dispatches, making customization alot simpler.
  • Transparency support for pages.
  • Live-bitmapping functionality for playing animation uninterrupted during pageflips.
  • Optional outlines for making pageflips of semi-transparent pages more visible.
  • Locking functionality to keep certain pages from being flipped.

Check het uit op Ruben’s blog!

3 Comments Ruben’s Flex Book!

  1. Matthijs

    I disagree. I’m a close friend of Ruben and I’ve been watching him showing all his previous versions and bugs. If you know Ruben, you know he’s one hell of a coder, and he is able to pull this thing off without ripping any kind of source code.

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