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Onderstaand artikel schreef ik eerder voor Het artikel gaat over “The Cell Experience”, een viral concept dat wel ergggg veel lijkt op de film Untraceable. Iets dat in dit geval helemaal niet slecht is …

When I came across the storyline of the movie Untraceable a while ago, I was intrigued by the concept of the killer. Not because of his horrible actions, but because his great understanding of the viral effect. The more people watch, the ‘greater’ things happen.

The movie concept now has been copied in order to promote zaOza, a new player on the French mobile entertainment market.

In the concept of Untraceable, a killer captures several individuals, one at a time. These people are being placed in a position that slowly harms their health. Their situation is being captured by a webcam, that is connected to a website. If the website reaches a specific amount of views, certain actions happen to the captured individual.

Now let’s have a look at “The Cell Experience“. Once again, there is an individual. This man is also captured in a particular situation and the events are also under influence of the amount of viewers of the website. When I saw this concept I was wondering: “Why don’t we see this more often?” The collective has an common goal (get as many viewers as possible for their own good – getting to see the final event) and will do effort to achieve it. A great example of a viral effect! Offer your audience an added value in order to make them come back or do any kind of effort.

However, The Cell Experience did fail to use social media in its full potential. When you take a look at the YouTube numbers, the video’s in which events happen to the subject, the numbers are kinda low. YouTube isn’t mentioned on the official action website and doesn’t get any attention. Also channels like Twitter and Facebook are being ignored. Why not talk actively with the target audience in the channels where they already communicate? The only way to receive updates is via a cellphone subscription. Ofcourse, that option is more in line with the service of the brand, but via an official YouTube channel they could have gathered so much more followers.

Overall is it a good concept with strong potential, however, they could have pulled a bit more out of the social media spectrum.

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